Our Work

Consultation –  We begin by conferring with your brand managers to determine where your brand has a strong presence and what markets need support.

Strategic Considerations – We examine your business needs as they relate to sales, marketing and the outdoor environment to create a basic strategic framework.

Selecting Elements –  Given the myriad of OOH methods, we identify the types of OOH elements that best fit your needs, whether bus shelters, billboards, street teams or 8 sheets.

Strategic Development –  During the Strategic Development phase, we outline the ideal strategy that aligns your needs, resources and OOH elements with the consumer target.

Brand & Strategy Agreement – Once we develop an efficient strategy, the brand manager and the VMM account executive collaborate to ensure that all goals have been considered and incorporated into the strategy.

Execution – With strategy, resources and creative working in tandem, VMM executes the OOH strategy according to timelines and client expectation.