The Concept:

  • Take your typical ice cream trucks, with the bells, tunes and delicious ice cream that people of all ages love and appreciate; and, add relevant brand messaging and imagery.
  • You create a marketing tool that actualizes an emotional connection with the consumer.

Why This Works:

  • When people see and hear the sounds of an ice cream truck, they immediately think of their childhood or other pleasant experiences.
  • The nostalgia that the ice cream truck conjures instantly enables a brand to make an emotional connection that is relevant.
  • On a hot day, the branded ice cream truck triggers a cool and soothing feeling that persuades consumers to engage the brand.
  • The connection enables the brand to speak to consumers in an innovative manner that is likely to spark interest and intrigue.

The Effects:

  • Whether reaching teenagers after school or professionals downtown in the business district, the branded ice cream truck attracts hundreds of consumers.
  • When Time Warner applied this concept to their marketing strategy, not only did they increase market share, but the concept won “best experiential promotional tactic” at the CTPAA (Cable Television Public Affairs Association) –  2006 Beacon Awards.