Product Benefits

  • Car Cards reach a captive audience on their average 40 minute commute each way. A great opportunity for advertisers to bring product information to the consumer.
  • Brand Trains present an opportunity to “own” the entire interior ad space of a Rail or Subway Car! An innovative way to “sell” to a captive audience.
  • Interior Wraps offer unsurpassed impact for Times Square-Grand Central Shuttle train riders in New York City. These impressive ads create a memorable experience for any tourist, resident and commuter within the walls of the train. By wrapping the entirety of the interior of every car on Track 1 (including seats, doors, walls and ceilings), advertisers can completely recreate the atmosphere of the commute – letting riders be “inside” their ad.

Product Distribution

  • Target the hard-to-reach commuter audience, including corporate decision makers and executives, with high impact ads. Frequency of ridership means frequency of exposure to your ads during morning and evening rush hours.